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The Damaged Air Freedom Song

You want to talk about freedom
I’ll tell you about freedom
Freedom is not having to listen to you
You want to tell me about love
I’ll tell you about love
I’m loving when I don’t have to listen to this
You got your eye on the prize
And your finger on the trigger
Tell me what you’re aiming for?
You’re telling me all about success
Another eternity of listening to “how to make it big”
Success is when I don’t have to hear this
You cut my hair and dressed me up
I was your handsome lad in star-tip shoes
I was your born-again white man
I was your good example of what works
I sang in your choir at the top of the hill
I read your books and past your tests
I signed at the bottom line
I lived your American dream
And still the waters flowed
That science polluted with “Dilution is the solution”
And still the winds blew
Across the melted sands of nuclear test sites
And still the grass grew
Above the bodies you hid
And still the sun rises
Upon the darkness of your deeds
I’m not your converted white boy
I’m not your acculturated Indian
I’m not your behavior-modification project
I’m not the victim of your success
I stand beneath a polluted sky
And sing my freedom song
I stand next to these damaged waters
And pray for the ones I love
I touch the earth beneath the grass
And remember the ones who died with honor
I dance beneath the swollen sun
And pray for the ones I love
I ran a thousand miles in search of something
That was inside of me the whole time
I walked the streets of madness and opulence
In the darkness of street lights and howling moons
I rode from one coast to another and back again
Seeking signs and signals from a static wavelength
I pushed out to the edge of possibility seeking truth
Finding the insanity of looking in all the wrong places
I stood on the mountain top
And sang songs of freedom
I measured each song with circular rotation
And prayed for freedom
I measured time by circular rotation
As each new rising sun gave promise of freedom
I surrendered to the freedom that comes
From accepting the truth that lies within
With the first light of a new dawning day
My eyes are wide open
The light streaming in
Beauty and mirth surrounds me
In the hour of my awakening
I sit inside the damaged air we breathe
And pierce it with this song of freedom
And drink the waters that have flown
From the earth that holds the dreams and visions
Humanity can only grasp a small amount of
As the grass kisses my skin in sacred harmony
I am awake/I have awakened/Again
Oliver Loveday © EDT
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I am always grateful for the support. Yes.

Écrit par : Oliver Loveday | 22/05/2014

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